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Pin Spins

Spinners designed for Pin Heads! Listed below are all the advantages of Pin Spins!

  • Quality Components: Each Pin Spin is made with the correct size terminal tackle. No wire on these spinners making these super durable. 
  • Blade: The blade we use are size 4 Colorado blades in a shinny, copper finish. Colorado blades spin with the least amount of speed and out fished deep cup Colorado blades. 
  • Finish: Custom painted blades with a super durable protective lure finish.
  • Hook: Size 2 Gamakatsu octopus hook have the best hook up percentage for this set-up. 
  • Weightless: Pin Spins weight just about nothing! Making the size of the float you use, your leader length and your split shot spacing change how the Pin Spin is presented. 
  • One Rod: No need to bring a pin rod for beads/bait and a casting rod for spinners, Pins Spins are designed for centerpins! 

Designed to be fishing under a float, listed below is how to fish:

  • Just Drift it: Simply fish how you would a bead, bag or jig. The current will make the blade flicker, getting your float dunked! 
  • Tip it: Drift it but add a bag, shrimp, Derk's Grubs ect. In dirty water this can make a huge difference adding flash, vibration and color to your bait.
  • Swing: Cast on the far side of the bank and swing threw the hole. Letting the current from the river do the work along with your centerpin.
  • Upstream pull: Cast upstream above where you think the fish are holding and then reel to get the Pin Spin threw the holding area, adjusting your float and split shot pattern to present at required depth. 
  • Get Creative: Do what works best for you and get creative! No wrong way to fish a Pin Spin!