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Mr. Derk's Hooks

Mr. Derk's Hooks


These hooks are deigned with the Steelhead Angler in mind. Listed below are the following reasons why they will give you a cutting edge on the water. 50 per pack.

Off-Set Shank - The hook point is off-set from the shank allowing for a greater distance between the hook point and the shank. This allows for a better hook up percentage.

High Carbon Steel - Strong enough to land the tanks, yet our high carbon steel is thin enough steel to allow for easy hooks up. High carbon steel is also light in weight, allowing in a more natural presentation. Black chrome finish. 

Hook Point - Razor sharp to penetrate any fishes mouth. These hooks hook point is sightly curved in, keeping the point protected against rocks and preventing snags. 

Reminder - Check hooks points often, carry a hoan to keep hook sharp as you would with any hook.


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